• Since 1983

Prabin program

Uplifting the quality of the lives of the elderly peoples’ Program


Title of the program:
Uplifting the quality of the lives of the elderly peoples’ Program.
Goal of the Program:
To ensure dignified, functional, healthy and secured social life for elderly people or senior citizen.
• Conduct social survey in the selected area to identify elderly people & establish a database for them.
• Organize the elderly citizens in groups/committees in ward and form a union committee or platform for the elderly people.
• To encourage, ensure access and empower of elderly people to actively participate in educational, recreational, social, cultural activities, income generating activities and voluntary works.
• To help elderly people who come out from family and victimized for social discrimination, negligence and seclusion.
• To assist elderly people to avail supports/benefits from social safety net/services, socio-economic benefits/services and income generating activities.
Technical and financial support: Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF).
Working Area: Borkol union of Chandanish Upazilla and Uttar Madarsha, Garduara, Chipatali, Mirzapur union of Hathazari Upazilla.
Total Population: 1, 36,797 (Male-73,792, Female-63,005).
Total Senior Citizen: 5,702 (Male-2845, Female-2857).
Category wise Senior citizen: Helpless-1356, Risky-1337 and Capable-3009.
Targeted Beneficiary: Permanent residents of the working area who are at least 60 years of age or more.
The following activities are being implemented under the programme.
• Providing old age allowances and assistive materials (Walking sticks, Commode Chairs, Blankets, Warm cloths, Wheel chairs, Umbrellas.
• Recognizing the contribution for the society made by the elderly persons.
• Awarding children for looking after their parents.
• Rehabilitation of poor and distressed elderly people in community.