• Since 1983

Prabin program

Uplifting the quality of the lives of the elderly people Program


Title of the program:
Uplifting the quality of the lives of the elderly peoples’ Program.
\r\nGoal of the Program:
To ensure dignified, functional, healthy and secured social life for elderly people or senior citizen.
\r\n• Conduct social survey in the selected area to identify elderly people & establish a database for them.
\r\n• Organize the elderly citizens in groups/committees in ward and form a union committee or platform for the elderly people.
\r\n• To encourage, ensure access and empower of elderly people to actively participate in educational, recreational, social, cultural activities, income generating activities and voluntary works.
\r\n• To help elderly people who come out from family and victimized for social discrimination, negligence and seclusion.
\r\n• To assist elderly people to avail supports/benefits from social safety net/services, socio-economic benefits/services and income generating activities.
\r\n \r\nTechnical and financial support: Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF).
\r\nWorking Area: Borkol union of Chandanish Upazilla and Uttar Madarsha, Garduara, Chipatali, Mirzapur union of Hathazari Upazilla.
\r\nTotal Population: 1, 36,797 (Male-73,792, Female-63,005).
\r\nTotal Senior Citizen: 5,702 (Male-2845, Female-2857).
\r\nCategory wise Senior citizen: Helpless-1356, Risky-1337 and Capable-3009.
\r\nTargeted Beneficiary: Permanent residents of the working area who are at least 60 years of age or more.
\r\n\r\nThe following activities are being implemented under the programme.
\r\n• Providing old age allowances and assistive materials (Walking sticks, Commode Chairs, Blankets, Warm cloths, Wheel chairs, Umbrellas.
\r\n• Recognizing the contribution for the society made by the elderly persons.
\r\n• Awarding children for looking after their parents.
\r\n• Rehabilitation of poor and distressed elderly people in community.