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Adolescent Program

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Adolescent Program
\r\nThrough language movement and liberation war we have got an independent sovereign Bangladesh. Like every other independent country, we have our own culture and heritage. But at present our native culture is on the verge of destruction due to the cultural aggression. Adolescents are getting involved in this subculture and doing great harm to themselves and the society. To develop the adolescents as value-conscious, patriotic and responsible citizens, PKSF has taken the initiative for Students of (class six to twelve) Bangladesh. This activity is being implemented in 64 districts of Bangladesh through partner organizations of PKSF. MAMATA has been implementing Cultural and Sports Program since 2017 at Chattogram City Corporation and Anowara Upzila, Chattogram at different School and College. Now Cultural and Sports Program is turned into Adolescent Program.
\r\nTo raise awareness and practice among children, adolescents and young people about various human, social and religious qualities including truthfulness, benevolence, social customs and values, good education and ethics, nature and patriotism, good health and responsibility, development of leadership and creativity through various activities.
\r\nWorking Area :
\r\n Chittagong City Corporation and Anwara Upazila.
\r\nTargeted population:
\r\n=> Students studying in class 6 to 12 in Selected Educational Institutions\r\nCleaning Campaign:
\r\nA clean environment keeps the body healthy and fresh. To increase awareness of students on personal and healthy environmental PKSF is working through MAMATA. To make a clean environment, clean-up activities were carried out in educational institutions. Under the program, Abulia Government Primary School of Halishahar in Chattogram City area and Chaturi Union Multipurpose High School in Anwara Upazila organized the campaign.
\r\nHalishahar Abulia Government Primary School:
\r\nOn 12 February, 2020, cleaning activities were held at Abulia Government Primary School in Halishahar. About 210 people including teachers and students took part in the program. Discussions and videos on COVID-19 and cleanliness were shown at the program. At the end, Students cleaned classrooms, school porches, stairs, school yard and toilets. The school organized another campaign on March 8, 2020. A total of 52 students and teachers took part in the program. \r\nChaturi Union Multipurpose High School:
\r\nOn March 5, 2020, cleaning program were held at Chaturi Union Multipurpose High School, Anowara, Chattogram. COVID-19 issues was discussed at the beginning of the program. The discussion meeting was inaugurated by the acting Headmaster of the school. A total of 218 people including students and teachers participated in the program. Students cleaned classrooms, school porches, stairs, school yard and toilets.
\r\nCultural competition- 2020
\r\nThe role of culture is immense in developing intellect and mindfulness, cultivating human qualities and mental well-being. On 30th January 2020, a Cultural Competition was held at MAMATA Cultural Institute. 69 students from 9 Educational Institutions of Chattogram City participated in the competition. Students took part in dance, music, acting, recitation and painting competition. In prize giving ceremony General secretary of MAMATA, Monsur Masud, Chief Executive Rafique Ahamed, Assistant Chief Executive Mohammad Shahariar, Senior Director Coordination Swapna Talukder, were present and distributed prizes to the winners.
\r\nPublish Wall Magazine (Dewal Patrika) -2020
\r\nTo celebrate the \'Year of Mujib Borsha\' a plan was taken to organize \'Deyal Patrika Utsav 2020\'. The theme of the wall magazine festival is \'Bangabandhu\'s Golden Bengal’ in the Thoughts of Adolescent.
\r\nBasically, the issues of how they want to see the country and its surroundings will be covered in Deyalika. For example, Thoughts and Dreams of Adolescents (a) Our Country / Future Bangladesh, (b) Our School, (c) Our Nature, (d) Our Grain, (e) Our Education (f) My Development Ideas, (G) How we want to see adults etc. The program was arranged in two steps. In first steps the program was arranged in Anowara Upzila and another one was in City Area. The winner’s teams from both area will participate final “Deyal Patrika Utsav 2020” which was arranged centrally.
\r\n On 9 March 2020 “Deyal Patrika Utsav” was held at Anwara Upazila Auditorium with the participation of seven educational institutions of the upazila. Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Officer Ferdous Hossain, Prianka Chakma, Engineer from Public health department, Anowara, Ayesha Khatun, Upzila Information Officer, Anowara, Utpol Sen, General Secretary & Upoma Bhattacharya, Art teacher ShilpoKola Academy, Anowara were support as Judge. Sheikh Jobayer Ahmed, UNO, Anowara distributed prizes among the winners as the chief guest at the end of the festival.
\r\nMarch 10, 2020, “Deyal Patrika Utsav” was held in the auditorium of Mamata Cultural Institute where 8 educational institutes were participated.
\r\nChief Executive of MAMATA Rafique Ahamed was present in the Prize Giving Ceremony and distributed prizes among the winners. Senior Director (Coordination) Swapna Taludar and Director (Finance) Md. Iqbal Al were also present in the event.
\r\nDue to Covid-19 pandemic situation final event was postponed
\r\nSports Activities:
\r\nMamata\'s sports competition in Anwara :
\r\nThe role of sports in keeping the body and mind healthy is immense. Under this program sports competitions were held in selected schools. \r\nA day-long competition was held on January 8, 2020 Jhi.Ba. Shi High School of Anwara. The chief guest of the competition was Md. Abu Jafar, Head Teacher Jhi. Ba. Shi High School. Boys and girls were participated separately in 100 meter race, cockfighting, balance race, long jump, ball throwing, musical pillow, outfit competitions. After the competition, winners were distributed prizes by the honorable guests.
\r\nAnother competition was held at Hajigao Sholkata SJ Nizam High School on January 23, 2020. Headmaster of the school Md. Abdur Roup inaugurated the event. Assistant Boys and girls were participated separately in 100 meter race, cockfighting, balance race, long jump, ball throwing, musical pillow, outfit competitions. At the end of the competition, the winners received prizes from guests.
\r\nUnder the cultural and sports program another Sports Competition was held on January 30, 2020 in Halishahar Public School and College. Boys and girls participated different events like 100 meter race, cockfighting, balance race, long jump, ball throwing, musical pillow, outfit competition in two different categories. Md. Nasir Uddin, Priciple of Public School and College, Nahida Farhana, Director HR, MAMATA, Assistant Director Coordination Kamrun Nahar Parvin were present in the program and distributed, prizes and certificates to the winners.
\r\nDrug Prevention Awareness Cycling-2020
\r\nOn February 22, 2020, a anti-drug awareness cycling program was organized by Mamata’s cultural and sports program with the support of PKSF. The theme of the Cycling event was \'Love life, Say no to drugs\'. A total of 64 people, including 15 women from different educational institutions in Chattogram, took part in the rally. At the end of the rally Additional Divisional Commissioner (Development) of Chattogram Md. Nurul Alam Nizami spoke with the participants as the chief guest. Ward counselor of 24 no Ward, Chattogram City Corporations Nazmul Haque Duke was also present as special guest. The meeting was presided over Senior Director Coordination, MAMATA, Swapna Talukder Md. Rashedul Jamal, Deputy Director, Chittagong Divisional Narcotics Control Department, administered the anti-drug oath to the participants.