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Mamata Malaria Elimination program


Mamata has been implementing a Malaria control program since 2008 with BRAC as a PR and Mamata as a partner NGO under the financial and technical support of the international organization GFATM. In the initial phase, Mamata successfully implemented the program at Chandanaish Upazila of Chattogram district. Later, the program extended its working area in Boalkhali and Patiya Upazila of Chattogram District to suppliment Malaria elimination program with the support of BRAC/GFATM. 12, 54,664 people and 2,39,145 families are being facilitated with the program..
\\r\\nTitle of the program: Malaria Elimination Program
Goal of the program: to ensure that Bangladesh is on the track to eliminate Malaria by 2030 contributing towards country development and the Sustainable Development Goal- SDG.
Objective of the program: .
1. Reduce annual parasite incidence to .46 in the 13’s endemic districts by 2021..
2. Prevent Malaria in 8 districts of 13 endemic districts by 2021..
3. Ensure 51 Malaria free Districts by 2021..
4. Prevent the Malaria free district from reinfection..
\\r\\n5. Prevent the emergence of ACT resistant Plasmodium Falsiparum in Bangladesh..
Component of the program: .
\\r\\n1. Daily household visit by health workers..
2. LLIN distribution.
3. BSE & RDT diagnosis and treatment .
4. Regular follow-up for the patients..
5. Daily household visit, courtyard meeting, and communication with village doctors..
6. Organize a Blood test campaign at the prearranged venue twice a week..
Associate activities: .
1. Organize a meeting for creating awareness for Malaria prevention and control .
2. Provide training support to village doctors on Malaria issues..
3. Regular courtyard meeting with household (khana) members by Health workers..
4. Male forum or group meeting by PA, UM & PM..
5. World Malaria Day celebration..
Activities on Covic-19 period:.
The activities slightly hampered due to the Covid-19 pandemic period. The program has now been initiated with maintaining social distance and health regulations and started to achieve the target of 3 months’ work plan. With the support and cooperation of Government Agencies, NGOs, beneficiaries, and field workers the quarterly work plan had been successfully achieved the target. Quarterly blood tests, Village doctor training, Malaria awareness meetings and LLIN distributions are notable among the activities. .
In 2020, created awareness of Malaria disease among 1221 people, 91 village doctors’ training were conducted and a total of 486 LLIN’ (mosquito net) distributed in 3 Upazilas..
Milestones Achieved:.
No death has been found due to Malaria in the working area from 2009 to 2020.