• Since 1983


Women Entrepreneurship and Women Workers Life Skills Development (WEWWLSD) Project


The garment industry has brought about changes in our social and economic life over the last three decades. This credit goes to women workers. The garment industry has paved the way for greater employment of women workers. For the sustainable development of Bangladesh, small and medium enterprise development and entrepreneurial class are essential. Women Entrepreneurs and Women Workers\\\' Life Skills Development Project is funded by the Canadian brand Lululemon. The project aims to improve the life skills of women workers and create employment and empower women through the development of women entrepreneurs. Under this project, Mamata has imparted training to women workers on health, nutrition, family planning, financial management and awareness about Covid-19 for the purpose of Life skills development and socio-economic development of Women workers. The project works towards sustainable micro-entrepreneurship, employment and empowerment of women by providing training, production and marketing assistance to backward and disadvantaged women entrepreneurs. So far, a total of 150 women have been given entrepreneurial development training. 40 women workers have been given life skills development training.
Workers will gain knowledge about reproductive health and family planning and adopt family planning methods
Identify potential women entrepreneurs and provide technical, material and financial support to implement their creative initiatives.
To provide assistance to women entrepreneurs in marketing their products and services.
To provide training on production of IGA products and services to women willing to take initiative.
Provide training to build sustainable business ventures
Women workers will be aware of personal health and hygiene and will abide by the rules and regulations.
Workers will be aware of healthy eating habits, eliminate malnutrition health problems and maintain work performance
Maternal health of women workers such as- at what age they can conceive, how many times to see a doctor during pregnancy, where they can take delivery service at low cost, what measures should be taken for safe delivery?
Women and children will gain knowledge about different vaccinations
Learn about sexually transmitted diseases and ways to prevent HIV / AIDS