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SUCHALA project


Most of the children in slum areas and other poor dwelling settings do not go to school for education and career building. Parents of these children are less interested to educate them in school or educational institutes for the financial crisis. Parents are not aware of the importance of education. Though some poor parents at an early age they send their child to school, but with the passage of time they drop out of school for several soci0-economic reasons. They involve their child in different works to earn money to support to lead their better family life.
Most of the children of poor do not go to school for extreme poverty but some do not go to school due to callous attitudes of the parents. It is evident from that the number of slums in Chattogram City Corporation was 2216 (15.90%) in the slum census 2014 and it was 186 (6.22%) in slum census 1997.and according to slum census 2014 by BBS, the literacy rate of slum population (7 years and above) is 35.29 % where National literacy rate is 74.70% (BBS literacy report 2020). Considering this situation, Mamata had taken the initiative to motivate guardians to send their child to school again and continue their study through initiating a project titled SUCHALA. The project is implemented with the support of Anukul Foundation. Mamata supporting 32 students (pre-primary to class five) of economically disadvantaged group.
\r\nWorking area: Kattoli and Sagorika area of Chattogram city corporation.