• Since 1983

Mamata Dairy Farm

MAMATA Dairy Farm , Training And Demonstration Center


Goal of the project:
\r\n\r\n1. To meet the demand of pure milk to solve the nutritional problem of the City of Chattogram and south Chattogram peoples.
\r\n2. On hand scientific training on dairy farming to the small and medium scale farmers to increase milk production, income generation, job opportunity and living standard.
\r\n3. This dairy farm is solely a non-profitable venture of MAMATA .Income generation of this project will use to expand this project and training to beneficiaries.
\r\n\r\n Objectives:
\r\n\r\n1. Add value chain services of milk products thereby create working and earning opportunity for farmers and improve their living standard.
\r\n2. Provide training to the new and existing farmers.
\r\n3. Providing support & maintain new farms.
\r\n4. Provide technological advice to marginal farmers ( Free )
\r\n\r\nShort description of the Projects:
\r\nOffice building, Dromedary cum Training Center, Two fully furnished cow shed (having capacity of 130 cows), Cow working Place, Isolation shed, one store room, one staff room, one feed preparation room, one bio – security center, Guard room, Generator room, Milk Packaging room ( with ceiling & Freezing ) Milk Distribution freezing van, Death cow disposal place , Wasted disposal place, Three silo pit, Demonstration pond, a grazing land, and a Re-circulatory Aquaculture System within 140 decimal land. There is 100 decimal lands for fodder cultivation. The farm operations have been started from 21st July, December 2018 with 25 cows and 25 calves. 8 heifers ,1- bull, Later at `year 2019 & 2020 added 19 cows and 18 calves, new born café 47. At present there are 111 cattle in the Mamata Dairy Farm. The Dairy Farm is fully monitored by CCTV system .
\r\n\r\nComponent of the project:
\r\n\r\n• Dairy Animals (Cow and Calf) demonstration
\r\n• Feed management
\r\n• Fodder cultivation
\r\n• Health & Hygiene system Milk Collection & Process
\r\n• De-worming and Vaccination
\r\n• Health system, Nutrition, Hygiene & Use - Milking machine,
\r\n• Daily farm activity ( Knowledge, skill, awareness, new technology & Cow-Rearing / Management )
\r\n• Waste management ( Compost, Bio-gas )
\r\n• Training
\r\n• Exposure visit
\r\n• Demonstration - Re-circulatory Aquaculture System
\r\n Short Outcomes:
\r\n. Local peoples are enjoying milk at low price, their health status improving, and malnutrition reducing day by day.
\r\n. Chittogram town different area our milk distribution ( Clinic, people,etc)
\r\n. Chattogram Sishu Academy enjoying our milk with low price.
\r\n. Local Peoples have job opportunity according to their qualification. 8 people have already working as Farm worker.
\r\n. Farmers are enjoying free training, advice and treatment services.
\r\n. Many peoples encouraged to establish new dairy farm.
\r\n\r\nMilestone achieve:
\r\nDifferent kinds of milk product like sweet, sweet curd , Sour curds Camcam, Rasomalai, are produced and sold within the office staffs, stakerholders and well-wishers of mamata.
\r\n On average 256.8 liter milk are produced per day from 25-30 milking cows. More than 93999 liters milk has been produced till December 2020. The selling price of milk is 65 Tk per liter. But for the people inhabited in the surrounding area of the dairy farm, the price of milk is considerable. 32 Calves are safely born in the Cow shed of the Dairy Farm. 32 artificial insemination are given for this purpose.\r\n
\r\nA documentary program on MAMATA Dairy Farm was recorded by Dipto Television & was telecasted on 10/02/2020 at 05.30 p.m\r\n
\r\nDuring Covid-19 Pandemic situation the function of Dairy Farm was running by the all efficient and dedicated staffs of Dairy farm by the advice of Senior Management of Mamata. In this pandemic situation we followed health regulation and social distance and maintained proper hygiene system in the dairy farm.