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Gayal project

Mamata Gayal project


\r\nPoverty alleviation through the conservation, development and rearing of Gayal (Bos frontalis) in the farm level
\r\nGoal of the Project:
\r\nConservation and development and of Gayal through farming.
\r\n. To conserve Gayal from extinction through rearing practice in farm
\r\n. To extend Gayal farming through motivational activities and providing financial & necessary technical supports
\r\n. To enrich the technical know-how of Gayal farm holders
\r\n. To provide Vaccine, Anthelmintics, and treatment services for sound rearing of Gayal
\r\nWorking Area:
\r\nBajalia Union of Satkania Upazila and Soalok Union of Bndarban Sadar Upazila
\r\nShort Description:
\r\nGayal is a semi-domesticated animal and now one of the endangered animal genetic resources in Bangladesh. It is also seen in Northeast India, Myanmar and in Yunnan, China This animal is different than other livestock animals as we generally see at farms and at domestic level. It is mostly reared by the hill tribes of Bangladesh. It is somewhat smaller, with proportionately shorter limbs. The head of Gayal is shorter and broader, with a perfectly flat forehead and a straight line between the bases of the horns. The female gayal is much smaller than the bull, and has scarcely any dewlap on the throat. The skin colour of the head and body is blackish-brown in both sexes, and the lower portion of the limbs are white or yellowish. Some domesticated gayals are parti-coloured, while others are completely white. Gayal is more meaty and its meat is considered more tender and contains significantly low fat (around 2-3%) while Beef has 10-12% fat. The Gayal project is launched on July 2020 and financially supported by PKSF for initially 3 years (2020-21 to 2022-23) with a mode of operation in two levels i.e. organization level and beneficiaries level. The project targets to establish 30 demonstration farms of Gayal at beneficiaries’ level with the help of grant, necessary loan & technical facilities and a demonstration farm of Gayal at organization level to show off Gayal rearing and its future extension as farm animal.
\r\nComponents of the project:
\r\n1. Establish demonstration farm at organization level: 01 No.
\r\n2. Establish demonstration farms at Beneficiaries’ level: 30 No.
\r\n3. Loan distribution for Gayal rearing : 40 farm holders
\r\n4. Arranging training on Gayal husbandry : 4 batches (25 persons in each batch)
\r\n5. Conducting workshop: 02 No.
\r\n6. Cattle de-worming, vaccination activities, and treatment services for Gayal
\r\n7. Develop and Publish a poster and video documentary on Gayal rearing to introduce Gayal as a farm animal