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Red Chattogram Cattle (RCC)


\r\nDevelopment, Conservation, and Extension of Red Chattogram Cattle (RCC)
\r\nGoal of the Project:
\r\nDevelopment and conservation of Red Chattogram Cattle (RCC).
\r\n Objectives:
\r\n1. To conserve RCC from being extincted through rearing practice.
\r\n2. To spread RCC through motivation and providing necessary technical supports.
\r\n3. To enhance the technical knowledge of RCC rearing at beneficiary level.
\r\n4. To ensure rearing of RCC at backyard farming system through providing vaccine, anthelmintics, treatment and advices.
\r\nWorking Area:
Chandanish Upazila of Chattogram District
\r\nShort description:
\r\nThe Red Chattogram Cattle (RCC) project was started on June 2017 for 2 years. The project was designed with a mode of operation in two levels i.e. Organization level and beneficiary level. After successfully completion of initial phase of the project, Mamata was rewarded by the lead partner agency PKSF through extension of the project for the next 3 years (July 2019 to June 2022) along with a new target plan of RCC extension, conservation and development. The main intervention of the project is to establish RCC demonstration farms at beneficiaries by providing grant, necessary loan. All technical support are provided to the beneficiaries by the project personnel. The project encourages to the people of project area to rear RCC for successful extension of RCC husbandry.
\r\nComponents of the project:
\r\n• Establishment of RCC demonstration & breeding farm under organization level
\r\n• Loan disbursement at beneficiary level for RCC rearing
\r\n• Grants distribution for RCC beneficiaries to rear RCC under good husbandry practices
\r\n• Regular Cattle de-worming and vaccination
\r\n• Training facilities for RCC beneficiaries to enhance their technical knowledge
\r\n• Veterinary treatment services for RCC
\r\nOrganization level: Red Chattogram Cattle breeding and demonstration farm established at Barkal of Chandanaish with 10 cows and 2 bulls for the purpose of RCC demonstration, breeding and extension and also encourage the local people to . In the 1st stage of project period Mamata provided breeding services to the beneficiaries’ cows for the purpose of stopping cross breeding and holding up genetical purity of RCC. The project is aiming to deliver RCC calves to the beneficiaries and other RCC project implemented by other NGOs as a part of RCC extension activities from the demonstration & breeding farm next to.
\r\nBeneficiary level: In this level the beneficiaries are motivated to rear RCC through group counseling/meetings by presenting merits of RCC rearing and accordingly announced the project facilities of loan, grants and training for the RCC farm holders including free de-worming bolus, vaccine and RCC breeding for cattle as well as veterinary treatment by DVM graduate. Loan, grants and other facilities are provided for RCC rearing to the categories of cow, heifer, bull and fattening. In this context training programs are arranged for all beneficiaries in different batch to provide scientific and practical guideline especially on RCC rearing, feeding, fattening, disease and waste management. Besides it, massive de-worming and vaccination programs are also done time to time in different villages of the working area.