• Since 1983


Mamata agriculture,Livestock & Fisherish Unit


Title of the Program:
\r\n Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (ALF) Unit
\r\n\r\nGoal of the Program:
\r\nThe program is to extend sustainable agricultural technology and capacity building supports to the door-steps of farmers with a view to increasing farming productivity and ensuring food security thorough demonstration, training, exposure visit, field & farm day observation, counseling, technology transfer and other extension activities.
\r\n\r\nObjectives of the Unit:
\r\n• To provide useful, modern and environment-friendly agriculture, fisheries and livestock technologies to the farmers and at beneficiary level.
\r\n• To enrich the technical knowledge of the farmers through transfer of technology providing training, exposure visit and counseling.
\r\n• To develop skilled manpower on modern farming technologies.
\r\n• To conserve important endangered and threaten breeds/varieties of livestock, fisheries and crops through scientific production practicing by farmers.
\r\n• To assist in providing microfinance services considering the seasonality of agricultural activities.
\r\nWorking Area:
Patiya & Karnafuly Upazilas under Chattogram district.
\r\nThe short description of the program:
\r\nAgriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (ALF) unit enables the farmers to get access to resources necessary for boosting up their production. Being an integral part of integrated Agriculture development program of PKSF, ALF unit of Mamata has been working within the purview of financial and administrative impart of PKSF addressing concerned goals of SDGs. ALF program of Mamata is designed with mandated target and appropriate budget of extension target based activities on annual basis. The program started in Mamata during the fiscal year of 2016-17 in Patyia Upazila covering the MSCP working area of Mamata within the purview of College Bazar & Budhpura branch and till now ongoing in addition Mamata Juldha and Karnafuly branch of MSCP which have newly been included as catchments areas of ALF Unit .
\r\n1. Agriculture
\r\n• Introducing high yielding profitable varieties of crop on edaphic and climatic factors of locality.
\r\n• Introducing Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) at field level for better and safe crop production by using organic fertilizer, bio-pesticide, perching, light and pheromone traps for pest management etc.
\r\n• Increasing cropping intensity through introducing suitable cropping pattern
\r\n• Enhancing homestead gardening for proper land utilization, ensuring nutritional security of farming community and additional income.
\r\n• Creating entrepreneur by developing the orchard of high valued fruits’ plants.
\r\n• Introducing intercropping cultivation for increasing income of the farmers.
\r\n• Enhancing knowledge, skills and awareness of farmers as well as office employee through training, exposure visit, motivation etc.
\r\n• Conducting field days for effective dissemination of technology related information and effective crop production techniques.
\r\n• Operating ‘Agriculture Counseling Center’ for instant solution of field level crop related problem faced by farmers.
\r\n• Establishing billboard and informative signboard on the basis of modern and innovative technologies to spread new knowledge and ideas to local people in general and local farmers in particular.
\r\n 2. Livestock
\r\n\r\n• Introducing slat system of housing for rearing of Goat, Broiler and Layer for controlling disease prevalence.
\r\n• Introducing practicing of healthy & hygienic housing and management system of dairy cattle husbandry to prevent the high prevalence of mastitis.
\r\n• Introducing Vermi-compost production as good waste management practice in dairy farm.
\r\n• Introducing Buck & Khasi (goat) fattening as IGA.
\r\n• Introducing high yielding breed of duck in respect of meat & egg production.
\r\n• Promoting diversified fodder crop cultivation for ensuring feed security of cattle.
\r\n• Introducing Turkey an alien poultry bird as a new concept IGA and source of animal protein.
\r\n• Introducing new variety of local chicken named hili chicken as protein source.
\r\n• Establishing billboard and informative signboard on the basis of modern and innovative technologies to spread technical knowledge and ideas to local people.
\r\n 3. Fisheries
\r\n\r\n• Introducing proper use of space in pond for more production of fishes through Carp-Mola mixed culture, Vietnam Pangus-carp mixed culture, Carp-Prawn mixed culture and native Shing-Carp mixed culture with vegetables cultivation on pond dyke.
\r\n• Introducing carp fattening with vegetables cultivation on pond dyke as source of IGA.
\r\n• Introducing high valued Chital-Ayre-Shoal-Carp mixed culture with vegetables cultivation on pond dyke.
\r\n• Promoting native and indigenous fish species for income generation.
\r\n• Introducing individually predatory fish mixed culture in pond for income generation.
\r\n• Promoting fish fry business for increasing availability of fish fries in community.
\r\n• Introducing maximized use of pond dyke through vegetables cultivation.
\r\n• Entrepreneurship creation in making fishing gear.
\r\n• Establishing billboard and informative signboard on the basis of modern and innovative technologies to spread new knowledge and ideas to common people.
\r\n\r\nComponents of the Program:
\r\n1. Agriculture
\r\n• Trichompost production demonstration.
\r\n• Use of pheromone trap demonstration in vegetables crop field.
\r\n• Multi-layer home stead gardening demonstration.
\r\n• New HYV demonstration in respect of region.
\r\n• Summer melon cultivation demonstration
\r\n• Ayel crops cultivation demonstration
\r\n• Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) demonstration
\r\n• Cropping pattern demonstration
\r\n• Orchard Development Demonstration
\r\n• Good Quality Local Variety Demonstration
\r\n• Intercropping Cultivation Demonstration
\r\n• Arranging training on Rice and Vegetables cultivation
\r\n• Arranging field day on successful & proven agriculture technologies
\r\n• Agricultural counseling and instant field advisory services
\r\n• Necessary agricultural inputs distribution
\r\n• Establishing billboard & Signboard on successful & proven agriculture technologies
\r\n• Arranging Upazila planning and co-ordination meeting
\r\n2. Livestock
\r\n\r\n• Dairy cattle rearing by practicing good and hygienic management in dairy farm
\r\n• Duck rearing of high yielding breed demonstration
\r\n• Demonstration of Turkey farm by semi slatted housing system
\r\n• Demonstration of local chicken rearing by special housing system
\r\n• Established new demo called hili chicken as a protein source.
\r\n• Artificial hatchery of duck
\r\n• Unconventional feed processing and marketing
\r\n• Arranging training on different livestock technologies
\r\n• Arranging farm day on successful & proven livestock technologies
\r\n\r\n3. Fisheries
\r\n\r\n• Demonstration on Carp-mola mixed culture in pond
\r\n• Demonstration on Carp-prawn mixed culture in pond
\r\n• Demonstration on Carp fattening in pond
\r\n• Demonstration on Vietnam-Pangus carp mixed culture in pond
\r\n• Demonstration on fish fry business
\r\n• Demonstration on Vetki, Carp and Telapia mixed culture in pond
\r\n• Demonstration on Native Shing and Carp mixed culture in pond
\r\n• Demonstration on high value fish culture in tank
\r\n• Entrepreneurship creation in making fishing gear.
\r\n• Arranging training on different fisheries technologies
\r\n• Arranging farm day on successful & proven fisheries technologies
\r\n• Arranging exposure visit for farmers & relevant
\r\nAchievement of ALF Unit:
\r\nAgriculture, livestock and fisheries unit has already surpassed successfully the 5th year followed by the fiscal year 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-2019, 2019-20 and 2020-21 in Patyia & Karnafuly Upazila of Chattogram with the collaboration of relevant government agencies. A team of 7 technical professionals in the relevant sector is working in the ground of agricultural development in this area. Since its inception a total of 1439 demonstrations have been established on different agricultural technologies. ALF Unit has given all kinds of logistic supports to the beneficiary farmers to set up technology based demonstration for agricultural extension. Besides, 50 field/farm days have been arranged in order to disseminate the positive results of demonstrated technology to large number of farmers. ALF Unit has arranged 60 batches of two days long training on different agricultural subject matter and 1350 participants have been benefitted by learning and sharing. For providing advisory services to the beneficiary farmers on different current problems and issues on agriculture, livestock and fisheries, ALF unit has conducted 27 counseling meetings in presence of Upazila Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Officers and 1110 No farmers participated in the meetings thereof.