• Since 1983

Grihayan Tahbil

Grihayan Tahbil (Housing project )


MAMATA has been Implementing Grihayan project to reduce housing problem of homeless, ultra poor families especially vulnerable women and people and uprooted by river erosion with the help of Grihayan Tahbil fund, Bangladesh Bank since 2012.
\r\nObjectives of the Project:
\r\n1. Facilitate homeless families to have a shelter.
\r\n2. To provide a soft loan of Tk.70000/- to the poor families living in villages to construct a dwelling house at their own land.
\r\n3. To create an opportunity for the loanee members in access of credit facilities of Mamata microfinance to make them financially capable and solvent by engaging in Income Generating Activities(IGA) and self-reliant to enhance their social empowerment.
\r\nWorking area :
\r\n Anowara, Boalkhali, Patiya, Karnofuly, Chandanish & Banshkhali upazilla of Choattogram district.
\r\nShort description of the Project Activities :
In the year 2020 Mamata constructed 17 houses out of which , 2 in Anowara, 2 in Boalkhali , 10 in Patiya, 1 in Chandanish & 2 in Banshkhali upazilla through selection of beneficiaries among the distressed /uprooted people . Mamata also provided them funds from it’s Microfinance Program to ensure their participation in Income Generating Activities to foster their financial solvency to attain self-reliance. Monitoring and evaluation teams from the ‘Grihayan Tahabil’ of Bangladesh Bank visited the houses constructed by Mamata and expressed their utmost satisfaction on the quality of construction work and excellent performance of Mamata in the accomplishment of the task.