• Since 1983


Mamata Health Program


Title of the Program: Mamata Health Program (MHP)
Goal of the Program: To improve Health, Population and Nutrition Status of Poorest of the Poor, Lower Middleclass and disadvantaged segment of population in the catchment areas of MAMATA with optimal cost.
Objective of the Program: : To ensure maternal and child health care of poorest of the poor, reduce STD, RTI, MMR, IMR, increase total family planning acceptance rate, increase family health status and to ensure primary health care.
Brief Description of Mamata Health Program::Mamata started its Journey in the field of FP-MCH since 1983. Initially Mamata were providing FP doorstep service to the eligible couple and MCH service in clinic especially to the poorest of the poor segment of population in Chattogram City Corporation.
Mamata has been continuing her dedicated and remarkable journey since 1983 to till today. During the period of this long journey Mamata took financial and technical assistance from Govt. subvention fund from July 1984 to June 1986. After June 1986 Mamata took financial and technical support from USAID through FPSTC from August 1986 to July 1997 for Family Planning Services Project. Thereafter Mamata made five years agreement with JSI/USAID for having financial and technical support from August 1997 to June 2002 for family health service. After a successful completion of that five years agreement with JSI/ USAID Mamata has received award from NSDP/ Pathfinder International from July 2002 to December 2004. After that Mamata has been running a 30 beds Mamata Matreesadan at Bandartila and 18 satellite clinics with its own fund from January 2005 to till today.
Side by side Mamata Awarded from ADB consortium to implement Urban Primary Health Care Project (UPHCP) from 2000- 2012. Since January- 2013 Mamata has been running 60 (Sixty) bed Mamata Nagar Matreesadan at Lalkhan Bazar, 30 (thirty) bed Mamata Matreesadan at Bandartila, Chattogram, Mamata Health Service & Safe Delivery Centre at Panchlaish and 6 (Six) Primary Health Care Centers in 6 wards under Chattogram City Corporation with its own resource.
Components of Mamata Health Program(MHP) Reproductive Health Care Service:
Maternal Care, Antenatal Care, Delivery Care (NVD+CS), EOC, Hysterectomy, Menstrual Regulation, Post Abortion Care, Post Natal Care, Neonatal Care.Population and Family Planning Services: Create awareness on Family Planning in the catchment areas, Counseling on appropriate method, provide contraceptive supplies: temporary methods: Condom, Pill, Injectable, Provide long acting and permanent methods: IUD, Implanon, Tubectomy and NSV (with need based referral).
A. RTI/STI and other Reproductive Health Care including Adolescent Health Care. Prevention of RTI/STI, HIV/AIDS.
B. Child Health Care: Immunization Program (EPI), Immunization Program (NID), Treatment and management of Diarrhea, Measles, Acute Respiratory Infections, Treatment and management of other childhood illness.
C. Nutrition: Maternal Nutrition and Child Nutrition, control of Micronutrient Deficiency.
D. Communicable disease control focusing TB and Malaria.
E. Limited Curative Care: Basic First Aid, Emergency Care, Minor Infection and disease control.
F. Behavior Change Communication (BCC) focusing Awareness campaign, Motivation and Clinical Counseling.
G. Diagnostic Services including Ultra-Sonogram.
H. Emergency Transportation Services including Ambulance Services.

Mamata has a strong Health Program in the City of Chattogram covering peri-urban areas. In our city area and in peri-urban areas. Mamata provides Health Care Facilities through Maternity hospitals, Static and Satellite Clinics. We are providing Health Services through Essential Service Package (ESP+) to 5000 persons daily; majority of whom are Poor Women and Children. We have safety net for the poors and nobody is deprived of Health Services for want of money from our centers. We provide limited medicines on no profit no loss basis to the patients and also on subsidized rate. Mamata have one 30 bed Mamata Matreesadan at Bandartila and another 60 bed Mamata Matreesadan at Lalkhan Bazar having NVD and CS and Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC) services. On average monthly 375 safe delivery (NVD & CS) are conducted and also conducted 100 other surgical interventions including Hysterectomy. D&C, LTFP methods like Vasectomy (NSV), Tubectomy and Implanon etc. are conducted/provided there at low cost are exceptional in this part of our country.
In the Mamata Matreesadan\'s we have EOC Consultant, Trained EOC Medical Officers, Anestheologists and one Pediatric Consultant & trained Medical Officers. The Mamata Matreesadans remain open round the clock, while we have evening shifts in 3 centers and 3 DICs operate during evening, so that working women specially the garment workers have wide access to Health Care. In the same perspective, we have been providing Health Services on Friday (The Closed Holiday) in the Maternity Hospital where services & Medicines are provided for poor & working women & their children.
Mamata has so far conducted 77859 deliveries (NVD & CS) in our Mamata Matreesadan\'s which is the highest performance among the NGOs.Mamata has been running Mamata Health Service & Safe Delivery Centre & 6 static health centers with 48 satellites and have been providing ESP+ services to the poor and middle class families in the Chattogram City Corporation ward # 3, 13, 15, 22, 24 and 29.
The strength of our Health Program is that through our quality of Care/Services in the last 3 decades in this sector, have attained the cherished goals to a great extent. We have trained service providers including Doctors, Paramedics, Counselors, Lab Technicians in the static and service promoter, health worker, Community Organizer & Community Mobilizer for BCC/M. In the DIC and Satellite Clinic trained paramedics provide services.
Mamata Health Program observed Significant Days and Weeks (World Health Day, World Population Day, World TB Day, World AIDS Day, National Immunization Day and Brest Feeding Week etc).