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Transparency,  Accountability,  Equity  &  Equal opportunity for all.

About Us

Envisioning A Health hazard free and poverty alleviated Bangladesh upholding Basic Human Rights.

Value Statement

Transparency, Accountability, Equity and Equal opportunity for all.

The purpose of MAMATA is to upgrade socio-economic condition of the disadvantaged groups of people in health; living condition,education and IGA and to establish their rights guaranteed by the constitution of the Country and International charters where Bangladesh is one of the signatories.Mamata intends to increase services cost recovery, community support and skilled staff with a view to initiating sustainable journey in development arena of Bangladesh.

Effecient, effective qualitative and affordable service.
Reflection of Organaizational Values in Core activities.
Healthy and Congenial atmosphere.
Programmatic and Organazational Sustainability.

Social Welfare under the Govt. of Bangladesh, vide no. Cha-1234/ 86.
Family Planning under Govt. of Bangladesh, vide no. 21/ 83
NGO Affairs Bureau, vide no. 1181/ 97.
Registered with Health Dept., vide No. CSC/ she-3/85/31429.
Joint Stock Company, vide No. CH-S-264/2004.
Micro credit Regulatory Authority .vide No00927-01082-00218.


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MAMATA has been working as a supporting force of the government in the development sector under the leadership of Rafique Ahamed for a long period of time and Mamata undoubtedly deserves praise for its contribution to the socio-economic development of this region including maternal and child health services”. He called upon Mamata to continue providing services to the underprivileged sections of society to make it a better place.
The way Mamata is working for socio-economic development is truly exemplary for other organizations and deserves praise. Under the leadership of Rafique Ahamed, Chief executive of Mamata, the organization has already gained recognition among its staff as a humanitarian organization.