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Mamata Savings & Credit Program


Mamata Savings and Credit program started in the year 1994 to uplift socio-economic conditions of the targeted people through micro finance and promoting income generating activities.. After inception of this program, Mamata expanded the program rapidly. A dedicated, sincere, skill and energetic team run this program effectively and efficiently. Now it has turned into one of the prime program of Mamata. Now Mamata operating the MSCP program in integrated approach to serve the members of MSCP to avail their basic needs. Mamata provides health services, training on IGA activities, Awareness building on different issues to support our members for sustaining financially and for socio-cultural development in an integrated program dynamism.
Since inception of this program, many glorious years have been passed with many magnificent achievements. But in the year 2020 we have passed a worse situation of the program due to global pandemic Covid-19. In an exceptional initiate for the sustainability of the program, Mamata in this pandemic situation regularly communicated with the members of the program. Mamata distributed dry food e.g. rice, dal, potato, onion, oil, salt, mask, soap, hand sanitizer etc, to the disadvantaged members of MSCP and poor people specially daily labour. During the period of Covid 19 pandemic situation Mamata continued all the supports and benefits to all it\'s staffs in recognition to their strong commitment to the program.A 26 years long journey of Mamata Savings & Credit Program in the arena of Microfinance, Mamata has significantly been contributing towards socio economic development of the poor and poor-middle class families of the selected working area of Bangladesh. The long 26 years journey was not all the way smooth. It took time and efforts to bring about the continous developing situation. But in the year 2020 the program passed through a back foot situation due to Covid-19 pandemic lock down from March 26, 2020 and onward. But the devoted, energetic and skilled workforce of MSCP are committed and confidence to overcome the situation through dynamic management of the organization and effective support of all the development partner of Microfinance program.

To develop socio-economic conditions of the poor peoples and to promote entrepreneurship of micro entrepreneurs of working area through diversified financial services and create employment opportunities and also to provide MSCP members integrated services relating to Health service, Insurance, training on product development, technology transfer in the field of agriculture, livestock and fisheries for ensuring sustainable development.
a. To improve economic conditions of poor people through employment generation with financial services.
b. To provide services with integrated approach.
c. To develop economic status of the Garments workers and their financial inclusion.
d. To create employment opportunities through Entrepreneurship development.
e. To build social awareness for development.
f. To empower women with IGA related activities.
g. To build capacity of general members for developing enterprise
h. To make the program more sustainable through introduction of clients friendly savings and credit products.
i. To address the housing problem of working area.
j. To mobilize members for savings generation for reducing their life and livelihood vulnerabilities/risk.
Enterprise Development Division
Mamata supports to Micro Enterprise client to develop his/her enterprise in large scale. Financing for ME client has been increasing day by day in a limited way. Mamata believes that ME is an area where more investment should be forthcoming as this has good potential for employment and income generation. The organization will attach priorities for creating employment opportunities in the rural areas both in formal and in non-conventional businesses in order to facilitate the graduated members and the entrepreneurs for their sustained socio-economic development.

Enterprise Development Division (EDD) was established with the objective to support above noted micro and small entrepreneurs financially and technically to start and develop new business enterprise and also to improve status of existing business. Women entrepreneurs get preference in the EDD initiative; which played an important role for women empowerment leading substantial contribution to the economic growth of our country.
Under the umbrella of microfinance program Mamata has been implementing CEPZ Corporate Pilot Project (CCPP) with 30 thousand female garments workers of Youngone group. Mamata has been providing savings and credit facilities to the female garments workers for their financial inclusion as they could not avail official time of formal banking and other financial services due to their preoccupation at factories and encountering all formalities demanded by Banks and other financial institutions. CCPP has fostered savings behavior of female workers and IGA for their dependents and they can avail all these facilities in the evening without interfering in their working hours in factories. This project is an exceptional innovation and could be replicated in the RMG sector in home and abroad. MSCP has been providing Health Care facilities to it\'s beneficiaries at subsidized rate focusing on Reproductive Health and Child health. This is an unique approach among Microcredit practices in this part of the country and has enhanced the Creditability and Brand name of MSCP in its catchments areas.
MSCP has been providing subsidy to Mamata Health Program (MHP) run by Mamata’s own fund. Again Mamata provides financial grants to the beneficiaries of MSCP whose houses were burnt through outbreak of fires. All these Mamata has been accomplishing with in the purview of its CSR.
Mamata significantly contributed to achieve MDG # 01 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. MSCP has contributed meaningfully in the year 2020 towards attainment of Goal#7 “Poverty alleviation under economic development and undertake initiatives for women empowerment” of vision 2021. Mamata has now been dedicated to contribute to attain SDG#1 .End poverty in all its forms everywhere.
In the year 2020 year 1,08,000+ members are enrolled with Mamata Savings and Credit Program. Among the member 80% are female and 20% are male. Portfolio of Mamata microfinance 3240.92 million which is one of the milestone of Mamata Microfinance program. They are supported with different savings and credit products along with health support and other supports delivered by Mamata. Our efforts for up gradation of socio-economic condition of poor people through financial inclusion continuing and we want to work as a facilitator with for achieving SDG target and for achieving vision 2041 of Bangladesh Government issued by Honorable Prime minister Sheikh Hasina. Mamata received CITI Foundation Award as the best NGO of Country in the year 2017 and it\'s outstanding endeavors as a Microfinance Practitioner has been acclaimed by experts from both home and abroad.