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Development of the Status of Rights and Working Environment and Improvement of Socio-Economic Condition of RMG Workers in Chattogram City (DSRWIS)


Introduction: In world, Bangladesh stood after China in importing garments products. By improving working environment and improvement of Socio-Economic Condition of RMG Workers the Government of Bangladesh, BGMEA, BKMEA, Donor Organization/ Development Partners & Buyers have taken a target to achieve 50 billion US dollars within 2021. Mamata is implementing a project named DSRWIS by the support of FCDO/MJF to improve working environment and improvement of Socio-Economic Condition of RMG Workers and promote their rights as articulated in Labour Law and the Constitution of Bangladesh in the City Corporation areas of Chattogram.
Executive Summary:
Mamata implemented DSWWR project with the support of MJF in 4 phase from August 2004 to March 2017 dedicated towards, “Empowerment of workers to avail their rights through leadership formation” was a success story. “DSRWIS” on the perspective and backdrop shall establish a platform for the target workers through democratic centralization from primary group to 5 zonal committees to a central committee or central platform.
Goal of the Project:
Development of status of rights and improvement of socio-economic conditions of RMG workers through leaderships dynamism.
Outcomes of Project:
1. 15000 female RMG workers received legitimate wages, financial and others benefits as per entitlements.
2. Working Environment of female RMG workers improved at 20 factories.
3. Socio Economic Status and safety and security of female RMG workers improved in the project area.
Working Areas: Bayazod Bostami, Halishahar, Pahartali, Patenga Port of Chattogram District.
Theme of Project: Decent and Safe work.