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I have learned financial management from HERfinance - Sufiya


Sufiya Akhter, 23, works in a garment factory in Chittagong. She is married, with a 7-month-old son, Junaid. Sufiya started being paid digitally in 2018 when her factory joined HERfinance Digital Wages Program. “When I was paid in cash I didn’t use to plan. If I wanted something and I had money, I would spend it, especially on clothes and cosmetics. But since I had a mobile money account, I stopped buying random things. I have a list, and if I can’t buy something this month, then I will wait until next month. This helps me to save around 4,000 taka a month” “I was told I had to deposit 8,000 taka before the operation. My husband was calling everyone to get the money. It was very stressful. But then I realized that I could use the savings on my [mobile money] account, and I shared my PIN code with him so he could cash out from the agent. At 11 p.m. I had the operation. I was nervous, but the doctor said it would be OK, and it was. My husband doesn’t have my PIN code any more. I change it every month. It’s my money, and he trusts me. Recently, I started saving again so I can buy land and build a home for my family.”

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