A Health hazard free and poverty alleviated Bangladesh upholding Basic Human Rights.

Inspired by the core value of the emergence of Bangladesh, a group of dedicated social workers with their sincere initiative and drive established MAMATA in the year 1983 with a “vision of Health Hazard Free Poverty Alleviated Bangladesh upholding Basic Human Rights.” Throughout it’s sustained Journey of long 3 decades to achieve it’s vision MAMATA has implemented multi sectoral and multidimensional program and projects focusing problem of disadvantaged population of Chittagong City and 7 Upazillas of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar covering 3 million population with outstanding success acclaimed by the experts both in home and abroad.

Mission of Mamata

    The purpose of MAMATA is to upgrade socio-economic condition of the disadvantaged groups of people in health; living condition,education and IGA and to establish their rights guaranteed by the constitution of the Country and International charters where Bangladesh is one of the signatories.Mamata intends to increase services cost recovery,community support and skilled staff with a view to initiating sustainable journey in development arena of Bangladesh.

Operational Area

Operational area of Mamata consists of Chittagong City Corporation , Sitakunda , Boalkhali, Patiya, Anowara, Chandanaish, Banshkhali, Mirsarai & Hathazari Upazillas in Chittagong District and chokoria & Cox'sBazar Shadhar Upozila of Cox'sBazar District.

Legal Status of MAMATA

  •    Social Welfare under the Govt. of Bangladesh, vide no. Cha-1234/ 86.
  •    Family Planning under Govt. of Bangladesh, vide no. 21/ 83.
  •    NGO Affairs Bureau, vide no. 1181/ 97.
  •    Registered with Health Dept., vide No. CSC/ she-3/85/31429.
  •    Joint Stock Company, vide No. CH-S-264/2004.
  •    Micro credit Regulatory Authority .vide No00927-01082-00218.

Transparency, Accountability, Equity and
Equal opportunity for all.

News & Events

ঐতিহ্য টিকিয়ে রাখতে আরসিসি পালন
18 December 2021

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রেড লাকি টমেটো চাষে সফল জাহাঙ্গীর আলম
18 December 2021

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শিম চাষেই আলো দেখেন সামশুল আলম
18 December 2021

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মুরগী খামারে দিন বদল শাহিন আক্তারের
18 December 2021

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MAMATA celebrates 39th anniversary
1 January 2022

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Mamata deserves true praise to keep children free from violence- City Corporation
23 December 2021

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Annual General Meeting of Mamata 2021
23 November 2021

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একজন সফল নারী উদ্যোক্তা মরিয়ম বেগম
16 December 2021

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মফিজুর এর উদ্যোক্তা হয়ে উঠার গল্প
16 December 2021

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টার্কি পালনে সফল উদ্যোক্তা জান্নাতুল
19 December 2021

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Award Received by Mamata

Mamata received National population award 2020 from online program of Governement

Chief Executive of Mamata received National population award -2019 as best NGO

The chief executive of Mamata," receiving Best population award 2018 as National Best Non government Organization

Mamata received the 13th Citi Microentrepreneurship Award (CMA) on 12th may 2018 by Citi Foundation.

The chief executive of Mamata, receiving "Best population award 2017" as National "Best Non government Organization"

Chief Executive of MAMATA Alhaj Rafique Ahmed received "National Population Award -2016 “from Minister Mohammad Nasim, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, for outstanding success i

MAMATA was awarded by Chittagong City Corporation and other Organizations for the meritorious services in the field of EPI and Polio eradication campaigns

The Chief Executive of Mamata, Mr. Rafique Ahamed, was awarded Gold Medal from FSWA

Mamata awarded as the best NGO in Divisional Level and Local Level in the exemplary services in the field of Health, Nutrition & Population Sector.

The Chief Executive of Mamata, Mr. Rafique Ahamed, receiving Banflardak business award 2015 as "Best ‍social worker"

The chief executive of Mamata, receiving "National Best non government organization(clinic) award 2013"

The chief executive of Mamata, Alhaj Rafique Ahmed receiving " National population award 2012"

Alhaj Rafique Ahmed receiving "National population award- 2010" from President of Bangladesh.

The chief executive of Mamata, Alhaj Rafique Ahmed receiving " National population award 2007"

The chief executive of Mamata, Alhaj Rafique Ahmed receiving " Prime minister population award 2002"

The chief executive of Mamata, receiving "Best organization" award in Chittagong Division

The chief executive of Mamata, receiving "Best population award 99"


Our Work

Mamata is a non-profit , strategic organization committed to the Health hazard free and poverty alleviated Bangladesh upholding basic human rights.

The initial venture of MAMATA in the arena of development was in health and Family Planning sectors in the year 1984 with the the subvention grant (seed money) of MOH&FW and then with the support of Donors / Development Partners (USAID, ADB Consortium , UNFPA, SIDA etc) from 1986-2012 and then MAMATA has been running 2 Maternity Centers (60 beds + 20 beds),9 Static Centers and 45 S satellite Clinics with it's own funding having registration from DGHS and DGFP as regularity authorities of MOH&FW. TO attain it's Vision and Mission MAMATA over the period of 3 decades has gradually expanded it's activities in multi sectoral dimensional approach in the HNP including TB and Malaria Control , Microfinance , Formal and non-formal education ,pure drinking water and sanitation, Prevention of HIV/AIDS , Adolescents Health and social development sector programs , Women Workers Rights , Gender , Human Rights, Child Rights , Improvement of livelihood of Garments Workers.
In the year 2014 MAMATA established Audit and Monitoring unit , HR and MIS unit and IT/Software development units for its capacity build up and for continuous development of accountablity and transparency and catering the need of speedy expansion of it's programs/projects.
In health sector MAMATA employed specialized health professionals like consultants gynes/obs-4, Public health-1, Anesthetists-2, Child health-1 , EOC trained Medical officers-2, Professional trained medical officers-26 and technical trained personal(like Staff nurse , duty nurse, Nutse ) , Paramedics , Midwives etc)-110. MAMATA Maternity Centres at Lalkhan Bazar and Bandartilla have turned into as ideal homes for mother and neo-nates with quality of care and services.
In the year 2014 MAMATA established it's Microfinance Program on sound footing through expansion of it's branches, savings and credit products, Insurance coverage, Increased number of beneficiaries, integrated health srevices delivery for beneficiaries through distribution health cards to members to avail health facilities in Maternity, Static and Satellite Clinics run by MAMATA.
MAMATA extended right based activities including improvement of health seeking behaviour and health care facilities to the 1 lac RMG sectors workers covered through different projects of MAMATA dedicated to female workers who have been issued with health cards and availing health facilities in Maternity Centers (open round the clock) evining static and satellite clinics . MAMATA has been providing ECCD, primary education for the Children of RMG sector workers .
MAMATA helped RMG workers to realize Millions of outstanding unclaimed and un-met claims from the owners of factories through BEPZA, Lobour DEPTT and BGMEA which altogether are golden example of services rendered by MAMATA for underprivileged group of people . MAMATA has been working with outstanding success for protection of Children against Physical and Humiliating punishment in 40 slums, 40 work settings and 30 schools. MAMATA has been working for health , Nutrition and education of the poors under ENRICH project in BORKOL union. MAMATA has organized outstanding events like 30 years Anniversary, Annual gatherings, Day Observations, Workshopsw and Seminars etc. attrected attention of the people by large and altogether enhanced the versatility of MAMATA.

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